Charisma Carpenter and Mark Lutz Valentine's Day Reunion Event

Price: $100.00 USD

Mark appeared on Angel in the role of the beloved half demon/ half human Pylean Champion, the Groosalugg. Affectionately known as Groo to the gang at Angel Investigations. Mark’s Groo was wildly popular with the fans and was asked back after Season 2 for 7 more episodes in Season 3.

Wanna spend a fun-filled hour with once-upon-a-time-dimension-challenged-lovers, Cordelia Chase and the Groosalugg!?
We’ll probably be imbibing holiday spirits while discussing all kinds of very, very, important topics like: Is cereal soup? Do penguins have kneecaps!? What was the best name for this ship? Cord-alugg? Gru-dealia?
Of course we’ll talk about some silly stuff too...we have a few things brewing to keep you all engaged and laughing.
Why not join us for all the fun!?

What: A one hour “Happy Hour” engagement.
When: February 11th , 2023
Time: 4pm-6pm Central Time or 10pm-12am GMT for all the international vampires in the UK.